I Love Lashes & Lifting

I love lifting and lashes. I like feeling feminine and powerful. I embrace both and think it’s important to recognize when we tend to shy away from owning these different pieces of ourselves because we think they are in direct conflict with one another.

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MeasureIN Mindset: Part 1

How you interpret feedback, setback, roadblocks and challenges is your choice. It’s a mindset shift to choose the positive outlook. There has to be a mindset shift within you to be able to MeasureIN. You will never change what’s on the outside, without diving deep and transforming on the inside.

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5 Habits to help you #MeasureIN

Building even ONE of these habits can help you Measure IN. It allows you to hit the pause button, reflect, connect, and expand. Practice one or all five of these habits and see how your ability to Measure IN changes, grows, expands, and enhances your life.

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