5 Habits to help you #MeasureIN

I sat frozen at my computer, almost defeated. I couldn’t think of anything worthwhile to write. What did I have to offer that someone else more qualified, more experienced, and smarter wasn’t already writing? These types of thoughts are exactly why I started the Measure IN series.

Have you ever tried to start something, and just thought it was pointless to even take that first step. I know I have. I second guess myself. Questions pop up like, Who do you think you are? Who am I to…?

These questions are my version of trying to Measure Up. Your version may look very different, but the outcome of self-doubt, fear, and comparison are the same when we try to Measure Up.

You measure and compare yourself into unhappiness. It’s a stifling place to live when you cling to your unworthiness, fear, and anxiety. It’s easier to complain about our circumstances than than to CHANGE them, let alone OWN our part in our circumstances we have created. Change requires a break in the routine, and humans love routine no matter how detrimental to our lives they may be.  It’s a loathsome burden we happily carry around acting as our armor. But your armor will also shield you from joy, belonging, connection, and love. Measuring IN is the gateway to this type of freedom. Building habits is how you start.

To help break those routine, you have to create small and manageable habits you can implement. Start small to have success and build momentum. You can start with just one, or give all five a try:

1. Gratitude

Write down 1-3 things you are grateful for. Family, friends, community, weather, coffee, comfy pajamas…it can be anything, big OR small. Picking out the things in your life you are grateful for actually changes your brain chemistry. Creating this habit can truly change your lens for which you view life.

2. Come up with One word or phrase to use as a mantra or affirmation as an alternative to your inner Victim/Judge.

Your inner Victim or Judge is the voice that pops up to tell you you can’t do something and keep you small. It’s the voice you hear when you second guess yourself or feel down on yourself. Come up with a simple word or phase to catch you from spiraling into a space of self-doubt and destruction.

Some of mine (and others I have stolen from people) have been:

  • I am worthy
  • Expect Nothing. Appreciate Everything
  • My body is a work of art

Saying these when I catch my inner Victim or Judge being mean can stop me in my tracks and turn the conversation around.

3. Connection: Who sits at your Round-table? Reach out to those people more often.

Your Round-table are you Go-To people. They are your counsel members, your tribe, your inner circle. When shit hits the fan, these are the people on the next plane ride showing up at your front door. They tell it to you like it is, and love you when you are at your worst. Consider yourself lucky to be able to have a few of these people in your life. Please don’t take them for granted. Call them, text them, Snapchat them. Whatever form you choose to reach out and connect, do it on a consistent basis.

4. Go for a Walk

Walking is not only good for your body, it’s good for your mind. There is a restorative process that comes from being able to leisurely move your body.

5. Read a Book or Listen to a Podcast

This is a good way to be able to fill in the gaps for your own self development. I actually like to combine #4 (go for walk) with listening to a Podcast. You need outside resources to be able to continue to expand. My current Podcast of Choice:

Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais

Building even ONE of these habits can help you Measure IN. It allows you to hit the pause button, reflect, connect, and expand. Practice one or all five of these habits and see how your ability to Measure IN changes, grows, expands, and enhances your life.

Measuring IN allows us to set our own standard and to stop trying to measure UP.

Measuring IN is growth, expansion, inspiration, compassion, connection, and alignment.


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