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Strength from the inside out

The Wolfpack is not only a coaching group, but a space and a community where you can discover and define your deeper sense of purpose, fully articulate your goals, and tackle challenges that get in the way of leading a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

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Most of us spin our wheels trying to get rid of heavy narratives and ‘shoulds’ we have been carrying around for far too long. We misplace those feelings and outsource them – shaming our bodies and feeling “not enough.”

You have always been Enough.

Movement helps you Tap IN, versus looking outside yourself for the answers. 

I am not here to solve your problems, make you happy 100% of the time, or give you agreement. Only YOU have the power to change those things. I can open some doors, but only you can walk through them.

I’m a firm believer in the iron. Weight training transforms.


I believe in autonomy and sovereignty in your body so you get to choose what the best movement is for you and your body.

Community is the Key

Lone Wolf is not the way

Most of us carry a sense of loneliness or isolation and feel like we need to figure things out on our own. We lack belonging because we constantly try to “fit in” and change based on society’s standards and other’s opinions, versus learning how to trust our own inner wisdom. 

We need others around us committed to their own self discovery to help us tap into our own. 

That is what the Wolfpack is about. We work at the intersection of community and interdependence to strengthen our awareness that we are not alone.

As we strengthen our bodies, we strengthen our communities as well.

Discover Your True Potential With

The Wolfpack

I’m interested in making sure you have the best strength and conditioning plan for YOU so you can focus on your contribution and your impact on and in the world in the most marvelous and magical ways (that only you can). 

That takes a strong heart, a strong body, and a strong mind. Which we address all inside the Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack is for you if you are someone who:

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