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If you are finally ready to Unfuck your fitness, you are in the right place. If you want to be consistent but have constantly felt alone, overwhelmed, and defeated – I gotchu. 

After being in elite sports for well over a decade (and becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist), I know how to help you reach your fitness goals. If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed by all the options and underwhelmed by your ability to stick to them, you are in the right place. Online fitness coaching doesn’t need to be complicated. Gain confidence, clarity, and compassion to consistently make progress towards your goals.

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Meet Coach Allison Tenney

Allison is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS) and holds several other fitness credentials including: USA Weightlifting, FMS, SFG, and RKC kettlebell certifications. Hear her story below.

Coach Allison Tenney


Allison’s approach to fitness is grounded in simplicity, sustainability, and effectiveness. Because of her background in elite sports, she brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a former Division I soccer player, Allison transitioned into the professional arena and also coached at the NCAA DI collegiate level for 13 years. Working in team sports has allowed Allison to understand what it takes to stay healthy, strong, and perform at the highest levels. Her online fitness programs reflect that. She also embraces a whole human approach, bringing the care and compassion it takes to stick to your fitness journey for the long haul. This is not a quick fix. 

Allison creates an environment that is purposeful and strategic when it comes to training, while also tending to clients needs as humans with full lives. 

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or stepping into fitness for the first time, this is where your aspiration meets expertise, and where your progress is celebrated as a collective victory.

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Fitness is a gateway.

Let’s walk through it together…

Strength is not the final destination

A Squat PR, a marathon, a pull up… these are all just pit stops along the way.  We start online fitness coaching with  a smart and simple plan, understanding that it may not always go as we intend…

We remove perfection, and infuse compassion. Then we keep promises to ourselves… show up when it’s hard, rest when we need, and keep moving forward.

Along the way we discover we were always Enough. 

The Perfectly Crafted Plan.

You have to practice strength to get good at it. You need consistent repetition and deliberate training. Inside our strength and conditioning programs, we use progressive overload and training phases of 8-12 weeks.  We increase the difficulty gradually, over time. You will improve your proficiency in movement patterns and build a foundation of strength before moving to the next training phase.

No More Guesswork.

You know you need a plan to make progress. But who has time to write it, make sure it’s progressive, and includes the things you know you need to get you closer to your goals… (oh, I DO)! As an online fitness coach, I write the plan, so you can get back to your Life and trust you are doing everything you need to get you the results you want.

The Antidote to Perfection is Compassion.

Ever wonder WHY you struggled with other online fitness programs? You would go “ All In” then get burned out… or you missed a week and felt guilty (and never went back) keeping you stuck in the shame cycle.  My approach begins from a place of compassion. There is no “off the wagon,” or waiting to “get your sh*t together.”  Just meeting you where you are at in Life.

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A Little Client Love

More About Allison

I grew up playing competitive soccer

The soccer field was always my happy place. It was the place I felt most alive and most myself. Soccer taught me grit, tenacity, and the teamwork it takes to be successful.  I captained my college soccer team and played semi-pro after graduation with top players. 

I coached NCAA D1 Collegiate soccer for 13 years

Coaching college soccer at the highest levels taught me how to work with high level athletes. My job was to keep them healthy and fit. Through strength and conditioning I saw not only their performance on the field improve, but their confidence as humans. 

I have two daughters

I became a mom during my college coaching days. I had to stick them under my stadium jacket to breastfeed at half time, and they would toddle around at practice on the sideline as I took the team for warm up. They have always seen me active, on the go, coaching, and building a business. The more I work on showing up for myself, the better I am able to show up for them.

I met my husband coaching soccer

My husband and I were on the same coaching staff for my first job at George Mason University. We got to follow our passion for coaching soccer while building our relationship. He works in professional soccer and has also built a successful coaching career.

Let’s work together

I’d love to have you as Part of the Pack. Movement and strength is a gateway. I’m here to help you walk through that gateway, and discover what’s on the other side.