Sustainable Strength.

Where heavy lifting meets self-compassion

Strength training programs for women who want to be hella strong.

Sustainable Strength:

sus·tain·a·ble   /səˈstānəb(ə)l/

  1. A Strength training approach that values your self-worth above all else.


  2. Fortifying your inherent value by embracing the fact that you are Enough beyond a number on the scale or a barbell, helping you build strength from the inside out.

Your Fitness.
Your Rules.

Feeling overwhelmed by fitness expectations? YOU WANT to workout, but the execution feels daunting. You need more than an online fitness program to follow. You need permission to be a full, complex, imperfect Human who is doing their best.

Forget rigid rules. Let’s define your path and make it sustainable. That’s where I come in—I craft effective, simple, and approachable online strength training programs, providing the support and flexibility you need to thrive

In an industry focused on putting you in a box

I aim to show you how to shatter it.

The antidote to perfection is compassion.

Elite sports experience + simple and efficient programming 


fitness that is manageable, sustainable, and effective.

We work at the intersection of Performance and Life, blending the tenacity it takes to build strength and the heart required to keep going.

What Wolf are You?

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You've Got This

What you can expect working together

Level Up Your Strength

Strength seeps into every aspect of your life. Targeted fitness coaching and online fitness coaching will elevate your strength and performance. Strength is an amplifier for your life. Not only does your body become stronger and more resilient, so does your mind and heart.

Consistency and

Consistency is built from self-trust. You don’t need to “white knuckle” your way through. My method emphasizes Autonomy and Compassion, rejecting the “all or nothing” approach. You can show up imperfectly and create room for consistent, goal-driven improvement.

Improved Movement Patterns & Ease of Mind

Bringing you a grounded and simple approach to bend, lift, jump, twist, and move in ways that make you feel strong in the most comprehensive and complete plan.

Online fitness doesn’t need to be complicated. Take the guesswork, doubt, and mental energy out of your workout routine. The Den is an online personal training program for women designed to build foundational strength through 12+ months of progressive programming.  Through a well-laid-out plan with focused training days (Main set + Accessory work), you will become efficient, strong, and master the basics. Know you did enough to keep making gainz, without having to figure it out on your own.

Alpha online strength training program logo

Are you an experienced athlete, ready to elevate your fitness journey? Alpha is an online strength and conditioning program specifically tailored to individuals who have a strong training foundation. It’s time to go beyond the basics and delve into advanced training techniques and strategies that will elevate your athleticism like never before.


What Wolf are You?

Not sure what strength and conditioning program is right for you? Take the quiz and find out!

Fitness is a gateway.

Let’s walk through it together…

Strength is not the final destination

A Squat PR, a marathon, a pull up… these are all just pit stops along the way.  We start online fitness coaching with  a smart and simple plan, understanding that it may not always go as we intend…

We remove perfection, and infuse compassion. Then we keep promises to ourselves… show up when it’s hard, rest when we need, and keep moving forward.

Along the way we discover we were always Enough. 

The Perfectly Crafted Plan.

You have to practice strength to get good at it. You need consistent repetition and deliberate training. Inside our strength and conditioning programs, we use progressive overload and training phases of 8-12 weeks.  We increase the difficulty gradually, over time. You will improve your proficiency in movement patterns and build a foundation of strength before moving to the next training phase.

No More Guesswork.

You know you need a plan to make progress. But who has time to write it, make sure it’s progressive, and includes the things you know you need to get you closer to your goals… (oh, I DO)! As an online fitness coach, I write the plan, so you can get back to your Life and trust you are doing everything you need to get you the results you want.

The Antidote to Perfection is Compassion.

Ever wonder WHY you struggled with other online fitness programs? You would go “ All In” then get burned out… or you missed a week and felt guilty (and never went back) keeping you stuck in the shame cycle.  My approach begins from a place of compassion. There is no “off the wagon,” or waiting to “get your sh*t together.”  Just meeting you where you are at in Life.



After being in elite sports for well over a decade (and becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist), I know how to help you reach your fitness goals.

I aim to shatter the small box of rules the fitness industry tells you you “should” do, be, and look like… to actually define that for yourself. 

After years of putting my own self worth into what my body looked like and could DO, I couldn’t keep up with the out of reach standards. As a Coach…then a Mother, I knew there had to be a better way. Through strength and conditioning, we can reclaim our relationship to our body. Online fitness coaching doesn’t need to be complicated. Gain confidence, clarity, and compassion to consistently make progress towards your goals.

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