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Personalized Training with the Support of the Pack
Coach Allison offers online training for every level of athlete—from beginners who just love to move to experienced weight lifters. Custom programming and our close knit community will keep you on track to your goals.

My coaching pillars

“Working out with Allison has completely changed how I view fitness! Before starting my program I had experience doing cardio on my own and taking group fitness classes at the big gyms. However, I was never confident using weights and I didn’t have the knowledge to begin a lifting program by myself. Allison created a program completely customized to my fitness goals and what my body needs to gain strength and look and move its best. She has truly changed the way I workout and I am so thankful to have her!”


  • Strength Built

  • Over time, I’ll modify and progress your training intensity, frequency, and difficulty to keep your momentum going. Strength training will help you achieve any goal, whether you’re increasing performance, gaining strength, or changing your body composition.

  • A Periodized

  • A periodized plan divides your annual training program into time blocks, each focusing on specific goals. Alternating periods of hard training with some easier periods for recovery provides your body with different types of stimulus to keep you from plateauing.

  • Improved

  • You will work to build proficiency in foundational movement patterns. Want to deadlift or do a pull-up? Great. Want to sit on a toilet without assistance when you’re 80? Basic movements such as the hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull, and carry are critical for performing as we age.

How does online training work?

If working with a remote personal trainer is new for you, let me show you how it works.

Community is the key to your success.

Every woman is unique and powerful in her own right. She has her own goals, experiences, and strengths. But just as a wolf thrives with the support and protection of its pack, we women exceed our own expectations through the power of community.

After years of competing on and coaching elite athletic teams, I know how to lead individuals to success through the mutual success and support of the pack. I bring this same approach to your online training program. In our private Wolfpack community group, you will find women like you who offer support, accountability, and understanding as we all travel together down this path toward meeting our individual goals.

Start reaching your goals today.

Custom Coaching
6-month minimum commitment

  • 3-5 days/week of individualized strength-based programmed workouts (you choose)
  • Training program, accountability, and support through online mobile app
  • Direct messaging with your coach
  • Video analysis and form feedback
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Monthly Mindset Modules
  • Access to private Wolfpack Facebook community

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Group Coaching
3-month minimum commitment

  • 4 days/week of strength-based programmed workouts
  • Training program through online mobile app
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Direct access to me through mobile App and emails support
  • Monthly emails explaining training program

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Join the pack

If you feel frustrated and discouraged with your previous efforts, I can’t wait to show you that it’s not WHAT you do that defines you… it’s WHO you are.

Are you a wolf? Join our pack today and let me help you find your power!

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