You started your business to help serve and change lives… and now you need the plan to feel less chaotic and more streamlined.

FitBiz only opens 2 times per year

Create a strong business foundation

in a small, supportive group.

Build your business foundation

FitBiz Collective is a business coaching program that will hand you the building blocks to a sustainable business. One of the biggest red flags when it comes to business coaching is hiring someone who hasn’t BUILT what you are building. I have. And I have no intention of stopping. 

Just like you build a fitness program with the basics, starting with the foundational movement patterns, your business is the same. No fancy social media marketing before you have your systems in place. 

You are not alone, see some incredible transformations;

Meet Lauren

Fitbiz Member

Meet Lauren, a fitness business owner like you, dedicated to her clients and her own dreams. She was unsure how to make her business a full-time thing after being a nurse and in the health care system. She struggled to have the systems in place to go from it feeling like a hobby to a “real business.” Her time inside FitBiz Collective gave her the confidence to create programs that are transforming the lives of her adventure athletes and giving her the peace of mind that she has systems and a plan to be able to implement.

Ready to Get Clarity in your Business?

Hi. My name is Allison,

I have been in your shoes.

I was a Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach for over 13 years and have been running my online fitness business since 2015. 

Just like you, I felt overwhelmed and behind. I decided to “take the leap” and hire a business coach. I got on a sales call (NOT with the actual coach…red flag 🚩) and told this person my fears, frustrations, my hopes and dreams. And of course they said they could solve all my problems… all for $5k.

I felt the deep pangs of remorse. It wasn’t the right fit.. I was unwilling to compromise HOW I ran my business and follow these predatory practices given to me.

Since that decision – I’ve learned to trust my own intuition and how to MAKE SURE I have the right coaches, mentors, teacher, programs, and people in my life. It takes a ruthless commitment to honor yourself.

…. it’s why I created FitBiz Collective.

While I lost the $5k, I learned the red flags for these predatory practices, and how to navigate what’s best for my own business.

You CAN put people over profit.

You CAN be honest about your limitations.

You CAN be successful and not operate out of scarcity tactics.


So much of “business success” is smoke and mirrors. You need a clear vision, systems that support you, efficient operations, financial implementation, and a strategy that will up-level your business to achieve the goals you have set. 

FitBiz Collective will help you craft your vision for your business and implement the systems and strategy it takes to go the distance. 

We will give you the structures to stand on SO THAT when you launch your service/offer/program – you can feel confident in your process and customer experience.

We will take you from cluttered to clarity.

Build a Sustainable Business

This is a space for beginner to intermediate fitness business owners to create a solid foundation for your business SO THAT when you grow, you are ready and confident that you have the right pieces in place.

FitBiz Collective is for those who are passionate about helping others but need the guidance and support from those who have been where they have.

What you get in the FitBiz Collective:

Here’s what we’ll be covering in our calls:

Join FitBiz Collective and learn how to navigate the pitfalls, prioritize integrity, and build a thriving business with a trusted community of support. 

Fitbiz is no ordinary Program

“Fitbiz is no ordinary business coaching/launch prep program. Allison gets to the heart of WHY you do what you do, giving you so much clarity when it comes to making choices about how to run your business. In the first 1.5 months I’ve accomplished what I’ve been thinking about doing for the last 6+ months! Not only that, the group of women is inspiring, supportive and helpful!”

~ Jessica Darling

SO glad I took the plunge!

“I signed up for FitBiz after following Allison’s work for a while and appreciating how candid she is about her entire business owning process – both the good and the bad – and I’m SO glad I took the plunge. FitBiz has not only helped me organize my business on the backend, it has also given me perspective on the reality of owning an online fitness business and how important it is to make space for myself, my wants, and my life while taking care of my clients. This is the most put together and positive I’ve ever felt about my business as a solopreneur of 5+ years and I owe it all to Allison and FitBiz.”

~ Meg Hopkins


How often does FitBiz Collective open?

FitBiz Collective is a 3 month program that I run two times per year. This usually works out to be in the Spring and Fall. Those on the Interest List find out first when FitBiz is opening.

What if I have a physical space (brick and mortar)? Can you still help me?

FitBiz Collective is aimed for those with an online fitness business. If you have a physical space, cool! But my magic is helping you set the foundations if you want to have an online business. You can still have BOTH, and fitBiz will help you grow your online business side of things.  If you are looking for help in growing your brick and mortar, this is not the program for you. 

How many entrepreneurs do you take?

I cap the group at about 10 entrepreneurs. This program is highly individualized and I give lots of personal attention based on YOUR needs. You are not another face in a Zoom room. 

What additional costs can I expect from taking FitBiz Collective?

This depends on the systems and tech you need to help your business run. There are SO many free resources and I always suggest you run with as little overhead as possible for as long as you can. AND, there are systems like Convertkit (email marketing), CRMs (Client Relationship Management), Legal Contracts, and Payment PRocessors that are vital to helping you set that foundation. Those all come at a cost. I price FitBiz Collective knowing you will also need to invest back into your business. 

How much does FitBiz Collective Cost?

The full regular price for FitBiz is $3,000 (for 3 months). Early Bird and those on the Interest list can save $500 and pay $2,500. I offer different payment options to be as flexible as possible: 3, 4, 5, and 6 month payment plans are available.

Is FitBiz Collective for beginners?

FitBiz Collective is for beginner to intermediate business owners. If you have ZERO systems or structures, we will establish those. If you have a number of 1:1 clients and want to grow your group program, we will do that. OR maybe you have a thriving client roster, but no organization to it so you are tracking down clients at the end of each month and invoicing them, hoping they will pay - I gotchu 🙂 

I left FitBiz with a detailed framework for continuing to grow and build my business, in multiple areas: legal, systems, financial, social, marketing, and more, as well as connections to the visiting coaches… The community aspect is what impacted me the most. Being in a group of like-minded women, all working to build online businesses (and all occasionally feeling very isolated) was hugely helpful.

~ Corrin Pierce

“The most impactful part of FitBiz Collective is the concrete resources (specific apps/websites, etc.) that have been vetted and put to the test already, so I don’t have to take a guess and figure things out on my own.”

~ Elisabeth Akinwale

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