Kettlebells with Karen Smith, Master SFG

I had the honor of asking my friend and fellow SFG (StrongFirst) Kettlebell instructor, Karen Smith, some questions about her fitness journey, her current training routine, how she got started with Kettlebells, and what keeps her coming back to the gym for more.

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Time Under Tension

Most training programs I see these days focus mainly on exercise selection. Exercise selection is key when it comes to a thorough and successful program. Progressing a client through a program is a bit of an art form. It takes experience, and lots of trial and error to figure out what works.

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A Call to Ignite

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting an event called the Seattle Ignited Women Project. One of the questions I continue to get about creating the event, was “WHY? Why this event? Why now?” (along with the obligatory head cocked to the side, and “that’s so much work!”) And my answer may surprise you (or it may not)… Especially Reason #6.

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