A Strength Program for Sustainable Results

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Step One

Welcome to The DIY Den

Thank you so much for joining The DIY Den training program

This message will be pretty packed, so shoot me an email or DM (@allisontenney) afterwards with any questions at all.

One of the biggest things I know from working with all kinds of people over the years is the desire to feel stronger and be consistent with their workouts. No fluff. Just programming that works, and a coach to help support you along the way.

The DIY Den program lays out a challenging but fun strength based routine in a balanced and well-rounded way. Over 4-week training blocks and 3-month phases, you will progressively build upon the levels of fitness – strength, capacity, balance, mobility, flexibility, etc.

Please make sure to read The DIY Den Welcome Packet. It contains all the information you need about the Den training program, the mobile app, and other important information to help you be successful.

Step Two

How Our Coaching Works


True Coach Tutorial

  • Your workouts will all be pre-loaded into an online mobile training App (TrueCoach). Check out the tutorial above of the App to see how it works.
  • You do NOT need to enter height, weight, or any before pictures inside TrueCoach. That’s not something we are tracking here, nor is it how we are using TrueCoach.

Step Four

What I expect from you:

Step Five

What happens next

You will receive an email from TrueCoach that you have been added. You need to accept that invitation from TrueCoach. (It will be in a separate email, so please make sure to be checking your junk/spam folders). Click and download the App and set up your profile.

Once you login to TrueCoach, you will see your workouts loaded into your calendar, starting Monday.

Step Six

How to log into Your account

  • You have access to your profile, billing, invoices with your login/password you just created when you purchased. You can login and see your information on my website, www.allisontenneyfitness.com (My Programs > My Account > Subscriptions > (Actions) > Update Payment Method

  • This is where you can update your credit card information, personal information, and cancel your membership after the initial 3-month period.

Step Seven

When you can cancel

The option to cancel your subscription will become available after the 3 month initial period. At that point, you can login and cancel at any time. You can access your account by logging into your account on the website (www.allisontenneyfitness.com).