The Wolfpack is an intimate group coaching program for the person looking for a well rounded training program written to help you accomplish your strength goals, who is also ready to build the necessary mindset skills for all the physical training to be impactful. There can be no outer transformation without doing the work on the inside as well.

Too often we purchase training programs and other workout routines, and they end up in the graveyard file on our desktop or in our phone. Why? Because when our mind and heart are not in sync with our body - it's hard to make any new exercise routine sustainable.

We gain deeper wisdom of ourselves while ALSO taking action.

“When you pray, move your feet.”

 -African Proverb


The Wolfpack is not only a coaching group, but a space and a community where you can discover and define your deeper sense of purpose, fully articulate your goals, and tackle challenges that get in the way of leading a fulfilling and purpose driven life.

Movement helps you put your Magic into the world. 

Most of us spin our wheels trying to get rid of heavy narratives and ‘shoulds’ we have been carrying around for far too long. We misplace those feelings and outsource them - shaming our bodies and feeling “not enough.”

    You have always been Enough.

    Movement helps you Tap IN, versus  looking outside yourself for the answers. 

    I am not here to solve your problems, make you happy 100% of the time, or give you agreement. Only YOU have the power to change those things. I can open some doors, but only you can walk through them.

    I’m a firm believer in the iron. Weight training transforms.


    I believe in autonomy and sovereignty in your body so you get to choose what the best movement is for you and your body. Do you boo.

      Program Details

      The Wolfpack is for you if you are someone who:

      • is looking for sustainable results.
      • wants a coach that takes into account your entire life, and can move with you.
      • craves connection and support of knowing others are on a similar path as you.
      • are ready for more than just information, you want implementation and the necessary support and accountability.

      I’m interested in making sure you have the best strength and conditioning plan for YOU so you can focus on your contribution and your impact on and in the world in the most marvelous and magical ways (that only you can). 

      That takes a strong heart, strong body, and strong mind. Which we address all inside the Wolfpack.

      The Wolfpack Coaching Program Includes:

      • Training Program delivered on the mobile app - TrueCoach
      • Access to a private Slack Group (community chat app), led by me.
      • Bi-weekly team calls on Zoom
      • Guest speakers on different mindset and training topics.
      • Monthly Mindset assignment/journal prompts.
      • Weekly 1:1 coaching call with me for 30 min.

      Training builds an inner awareness of your body, thoughts, emotions, and environment around you. Tapping IN and training deeper awareness allows you more insight, wisdom, and access to your own magic.

      When you do, you give yourself permission and the opportunity to show up as the best, most authentic version of YOU, more often.

      Are you training in an intentional way?
      Join The Wolfpack. Let me show you how.

      Online Personal Training


       For early access enrollment, please add your name to the Waitlist.  

      This is a 6 month program. 

      Capacity is capped at 12 members.

      *This will be the only time in 2023 The Wolfpack will be open.


      What You Won't Find

      • Guaranteed results of any kind. That’s on you boo.
      • Weight requirements (what to lift) or weigh ins of your body
      • Before/After pics
      • Nutrition help or guidance on food
      • Shame for missing a workout
      • Pressure to push through a workout when you are not feelin' it
      • Making you ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for adhering to the program


      Gina LaRoche

      Meg Lederer

      “I thought that exercise would never be fun for me anymore. I was dealing with nagging pain and I thought that I'd need to get used to it feeling like a chore whose only purpose was fixing the pain. After the last 6 months, I'm having fun again! Movement feels joyful again, and not like I'm checking a box! It feels like growth, and possibility, and it feels like I found the mindset I was looking for...

      I joined to find more consistency and to find some accountability. My aim is to always get stronger, but this time it felt more like wanting to get stronger so I'd feel good in my body again. Over the last 6 months I uncovered why exercise is so important to me, and have developed the consistency I was looking for. I realized I don't need outside accountability - I just need to know my own "why" and the barrier disappears.”

      Jamie Daszkiewicz
      jamiedasz  ... I found myself scrolling the gram, searching for where I could belong. Elevate. Seeking sisters, a place in life with womxn. Ones to level myself up with. Community. Ones that would want me to shine, to misbehave, to rebel and rouse. I found the #wolfpack with @allisontenney . A small group individualized coaching program. Movement and Mindset right up my own alley. It changed me. Yes in the physical, I increased my squat ... I gained increased my thoracic mobility. I decreased my mile time. But that isn't what was the biggest. I aimed to misbehave. I aimed to make my own history. To live unforgettable. To gain sisterhood. Fuck, I got that, in amazing, beautiful ways. ... I am not finished either. There are so many big huge hard things coming and I am excited.
      Danielle LaRoche
      dlaroche3  Seven week ago I joined @allisontenney and the #wolfpack. I have learned so much in that short time. 🏋🏾‍♀️ I have learned if I have a knowledgeable coach (@allisontenney) who understands women’s bodies and their needs after having children and creeping up on 50, you can start lifting and not get hurt. And also feel good doing it. ... 🧘🏾‍♀️ I have learned that when a group of women who are really about working on what they need, come together and are willing to share deeply, transformation occurs. ... ❤️ I have learned that even when you think you are no longer strong, fit or an athlete your thoughts are lies. You are still all of those things. 🙏🏾 Thank you, thank you, thank you @allisontenney for creating this dynamic program with these dynamic women.

      Trish Baxley

      “The biggest impact has been the community. Feeling inspired and digging deep with mindset modules. Figuring out who I am Today, versus recreating what I thought I was.”

      Amber Harris
      solestrengthkc ... Allison builds community. It IS what she does. She brings women from different walks of life and it is magical. ✨ WP consists of 1:1 personal training to fit our individual lifestyle, schedule and goals...AND performing the intrinsic work. In the Mindset Modules, we delve into the hard 💩 and get uncomfortable. It gets emotional and real and raw.⁣
      I was in a place where I was not very kind to myself. I was letting the views, opinions and expectations of others control how I valued myself. Quite frankly, opinions of people that really had ZERO value in my life.🚫 I was struggling with my with my self-worth in this industry. Ever feel like you keep getting knocked down and the universe is telling you to quit? 🙋🏽‍♀️
      During our mindset work, I was able to clear my head of the noise and refocus on my purpose and gifts. These amazing women offered me a safe space, listening without judgement and allowing me to feel all the feels.❣️I have a renewed sense of self. I am clear on my worth and my value! 👸🏽
      It had been a LOONG time since I was this consistent with my lifts. The 1:1 programming kept me driven and looking forward to the next workout. 🏋🏽‍♀️

      I am forever thankful to Allison and the women in my #wolfpack for accepting me as I am. 🙏🏽 I did not feel the pressure to “fit in” or to be a carbon copy. I felt protected and supported in my vulnerability. 💜🐺💜

      I am enough! You are enough! Period. 👏🏾

      Being part of the Pack is committing to a community who not only support and cheer for one another, but have each other's back. Investment in this community and 6 month program is $499/month.

      Thank you for your interest in creating a strong community, inside and out.