Become an expert in the most universal tool for strength and fat loss, in 30 minutes or less

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Are you interested in building lean muscle and increasing your endurance but don't know where to start?

I get it, I've been there (and so have many of my clients)! And after years of being a strength coach and athlete who's worked with hundreds of clients, I know that if you want to get stronger and fitter in a short period of time, all you need is one tool. With Kettlebell Kickstart, I will teach you how to…

Master the foundational movements of kettlebell training Once you learn these key moves, the sky is the limit.

Eliminate doubt about how to use a kettlebell, and how to keep making progress once you're on a roll.

Strike the right balance of strength and conditioning workouts to become fitter than you ever thought possible.

I get it. You want to feel strong and capable, without the overwhelm of starting something new.

BUT ...

You are not sure how to start with strength training.

You are overwhelmed with the options out there.

You are tired of your old workout videos and routines.

You need a simple and effective solution.

AND something that won’t eat up all your valuable time.

So simple and quick it is.

Utilizing a Kettlebell for a super-short metabolic-resistance-training session is the way to go. It’s been proven that this style of workout can build muscle, burn fat, improve cardiovascular endurance, and improve your metabolism.

Yes Please!

You don’t need a ton of time (less than 30 minutes to be exact), a gym, or a personal trainer to learn how to use a Kettlebell. It’s one of the simplest and most effective training tools, and I want to share this amazing tool with you!

Each exercise in Kettlebell Kickstart is accompanied by a Demo video and a Coaching & Cue videos so you can confidently – and correctly - complete each movement and each workout (even if you have never seen some of these movements before).

Hi! I'm Allison Tenney

I have spent over 12 years as a top Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach and a personal trainer with even more years under my belt as an athlete. I’ve seen programs for all kinds for top level athletes as well as hundreds of clients with all different goals and needs.

I’ve found there are a TON of different approaches to fitness. But those approaches typically require more experience, equipment, time, and a coach. What about everyone else?

We have all had the experience of being new to something. It’s overwhelming and you can feel defeated before you even start.

That’s why Kettlebell Kickstart is for you.

It’s simple, easy to follow, and it works.


Who is Kettlebell Kickstart for?

Kettlebell Kickstart is for beginners and those who are looking to learn how to swing a kettlebell with proficiency. This program is for anyone interested in building strength, increasing endurance, and who wants the most efficient way of doing it.

Whether you are brand new to kettlebells, or have used them occasionally in your workouts, this program is aimed at teaching and mastering foundational kettlebell movements along with the kettlebell swing.

This program can be used as a stand alone program, or, for the more advanced fitness enthusiast, it can be used in conjunction with your current workout routine.

All you need is a Kettlebell, a small space to move, and about 30 minutes.

So what's the big deal?

I have trained hundreds of athletes and clients with various goals. I have found the biggest concerns for all of them is TIME and EFFECTIVENESS. You want to get results in a time frame that works for your life. The Kettlebell is one of the most effective and time efficient tools.

This versatile tool can be used for strength gains, cardiovascular improvement, fat loss, improved mobility, and so much more. And since you are checking off multiple boxes at once, it takes you less time.

The repetitive ballistic nature of swinging a Kettlebell will challenge your entire body, and the non-impact nature of the movement will help to strengthen your joints.

Since almost every move with the kettlebell requires you to engage your core (the muscles that help support your spine and pelvis), training with a kettlebell will also improve the strength of your back and abs.

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Program + eBook


Kettlebell Kickstart contains 18 workouts over a 6-week period. It’s a downloadable e-book and there is space to record your progress as you go! All demo and coaching videos are available online with life-time access and are linked in the program for easy access.

  • E-book with 6 weeks of workouts

  • Access to coaching & demo videos

Upon purchase, you will be granted access to a private portal where you will be able to download the 6-week program and gain access to all exercise and coaching videos. This is a life-time access for you! No need to rush.


Falesha Ankton Johnson

"Allison’s Kettlebell Kickstart is the perfect addition to my workout regimen. I needed something to help build stamina and muscle and the Kettlebell Kickstart is helping me reach that goal. My favorite part about KBKS is how easy it is to grab my kettlebell, watch the exercise tutorial, and get after it!"

Ellie Somers

"Allison REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to kettlebell coaching. Her coaching style is simple, easy to understand, and more importantly, effective. I cannot express how incredible this program has been for me. She broke things down and gave me a more clear understanding of how to use kettlebells effectively. I feel more athletic, more strong, and overall more confident with myself. This is a MUST program if you're interested in kettlebells at all!! I LOVED IT!"

Susan Tenney

"Once I found Allison everything changed for me. She has such a lovely way of presenting complex concepts in simple approachable ways – full of imagery that is easy to envision and body cues that are easy to understand and shoot for. She shares her passion for kettlebells in such a way that it is hard NOT to fall in love with them."

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