Start reaching your goals

Personalized Training with the Support of the Pack
Group Coaching
6-month minimum commitment

  • 3-5 days/week of individualized strength-based programmed workouts (you choose)
  • Training program, accountability, and support through online mobile app
  • Direct messaging with your coach
  • Video analysis and form feedback
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Monthly Mindset Modules
  • Access to private Wolfpack Facebook community

  • Billed once per month, 6 times

How does online training work?

If working with a remote personal trainer is new for you, let me show you how it works.

Community is the key to your success

Every woman is unique and powerful in her own right. She has her own goals, experiences, and strengths. But just as a wolf thrives with the support and protection of its pack, we women exceed our own expectations through the power of community.

After years of competing on and coaching elite athletic teams, I know how to lead individuals to success through the mutual success and support of the pack. I bring this same approach to your online training program. In our private Wolfpack community group, you will find women like you who offer support, accountability, and understanding as we all travel together down this path toward meeting our individual goals.